The iScholars program is an interactive 12-week internship that integrates a “hands-on minds-on” experience in the National Capital Region. The selected cohort of students will be immersed into the entrepreneurial world of business with the goal of students working with the iScholars corporate partners to learn and develop the necessary abilities to thrive in the new innovation-based economy.



The iScholars Program offers Virginia Tech corporate partners access to an interdisciplinary pool of incredible students from all across the university. These students comprise Virginia Tech’s top innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, business leaders, tech enthusiasts, knowledge-junkies, learning-addicts, and problem-solving fanatics.

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Over approximately 12 weeks, the iScholars program integrates a “hands-on minds-on” internship experience. Our corporate partners build their talent pipeline with Virginia Tech’s finest students. During this time, the students work with our corporate partners to learn and develop the necessary abilities to thrive in a competitive, innovation-based economy, all within a global context.


Students are accepted into the iScholars program after going through a robust application process. After acceptance, iScholar students have opportunities to interview for paid internships with start-ups, new ventures, large firms, and other established organizations across the National Capital Region.

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iScholar students are given the support and resources needed to pursue internships through a rigorous interview process, with best efforts made for placement in a position. This support includes a required preparatory course offered for credit in the spring semester prior to the summer internship schedule. 


Its primary goal is to introduce important key concepts, such as terminology and frameworks of entrepreneurship and innovation. This ensures that all iScholar students are able to successfully interact with corporate innovators and like-minded entrepreneurs to engage in entrepreneurial activities, and become a key asset to their cohort and the internship as a whole.

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As part of the course, students will meet entrepreneurs and business professionals; learn how to make oral presentations about entrepreneurial ideas and to cultivate an appreciation for the importance of team-building, leadership, collaboration and creativity in the entrepreneurial process.





In iScholars, students will:
Develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and an entrepreneurial mindset.
Be matched to an iScholars corporate partner that best suits both the student and company interests and needs.
Earn at least $15/hour at 40 hours per week during the summer.
Live and Work in the National Capital Region.
Have the option to live in WeLive in Crystal City (www.welive.com) surrounded by fellow entrepreneurial-minded individuals.
Participate in a one-credit course (Spring) based on the Startupland curriculum (www.startupland.tv).
Participate in summer seminars for professional development that will include mentoring, reflection, guest speakers, and field trips.
Build a network with students and professional innovators in the program to share ideas and experiences.

:: Download the iScholars Flyer.  :: Download the iScholars Info Sheet.

Estimated costs and income

Estimated costs:

> Housing at WeLive (optional): $3645 for May 15-August 31.
> Parking, Transportation and Food expenses will vary.

Estimated income:

Internship wages: $7200 minimum.
> Scholarships for students who are exemplary in all aspects of the program $500-1000 (awarded at end of program)

2017 - 2018 Timelines



Look forward to apply for the next cycle in Fall 2017.

WeLive Pics


20160426 WeLive Crystal City – 3+ Bed-5


20160426 WeLive Crystal City – Living Room-11


20160426 WeLive Crystal City – Kitchen-1



Potential intern sites are driven by innovation, including but not limited to progressive corporations, startups, and venture capital firms; non-profit organizations; think tanks; and research agencies.

iScholar Interns are selected from a highly competitive pool of Virginia Tech undergraduates from all 7 colleges and represent a broad variety of disciplines. They are available to intern for 12 weeks in the summer, from mid-May to mid-August, and most interns work full-time. iScholar students stay at WeLive in Crystal City, Virginia Tech’s Gallery in Alexandria or find their own living arrangements.

:: Download the iScholars brochure.
:: Review the Company form before filling it out online.


As a corporate partner of the iScholars program, you will gain access to an amazing pool of top-tier talent at Virginia Tech. Our students are well-known for their ability to think critically, problem-solve, identify new opportunities and are incredibly productive and reliable interns. These students are leaders and are equipped with a strong work ethic and incredible skills.

Our iScholars are recruited from Virginia Tech’s top leadership programs including the Innovate and the InVenTs communities. These students are educated and trained to work alongside representatives from industry to ideate on business problems, critically assess opportunities and propose solutions based on market potential.

The opportunity you provide as a corporate partner will allow our students to practice their training they gain in our coursework and experiential learning opportunities. Your involvement is critical in helping Virginia Tech train the next generation workforce.

Recruitment model
Eligibility and investment

The iScholars program is open to all Virginia Tech & Apex CIE corporate partners. The iScholars Industry Partners Consortium is a group of progressive companies nationwide who work with Virginia Tech’s Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to access our pool of talented students who possess deep disciplinary knowledge as well as broad competencies in problem-solving, teamwork and leadership. To join our consortium, member companies must:

> Agree and adhere to our code of conduct
> Recruit and host at least 1 intern per summer
> Contribute at least $500 to the iScholars Excellence Fund
> Contribute $2,000 per intern recruited
        > Monies to be used for helping students in need of financial support and operating costs.
> Agree to pay students a minimum of $15 per hour and have them work full time during the summer of 2017.

2017 - 2018 Timelines


Innovation and Entrepreneurship


At Virginia Tech, we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship can be a powerful force in organizations of all types and sizes, in established businesses as well as new ventures. It takes the entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems, make an impact, and innovate.

The iScholars program was designed to achieve this vision by supporting a cohort of students from diverse majors in a summer experience that provides community, internships and preparatory coursework.

VT-shaped student

vt-shapedVirginia Tech is developing the VT-shaped student. The T-shaped student gains disciplinary depth through formal coursework and interdisciplinary capacities such as teamwork, creative problem solving, and communication through hands-on experiences such as internships. The VT-shaped student is intensively motivated to accomplish this purpose-driven learning as a part of a community and with a firm commitment to service.