Ruby Kang

Ruby Kang is a rising sophomore in the Pamplin College of Business, currently pursuing a degree in Accounting. She began her entrepreneurial journey this past year in Innovate and will be continuing it this year in Pritchard. She is currently on the Leadership Team, where she leads the marketing efforts for Innovate.

This summer Kang worked as a marketing intern for LifeFuels, a Reston based health and wellness tech company that was co-founded by Virginia Tech alumni Jonathon Perrelli. Her day to day activities included managing their social media accounts and writing blog posts for the website. Her biggest take away from this summer is how important your online presence is. She says “everything’s digital now, so you have to constantly find new ways to push out new and relevant content across the web”. She also says that because the experience was so hands on, she was allowed to try many different things and work with people outside of the marketing department. Kang hopes to apply the skills she has learned this summer to her position on the Leadership Team and market Innovate’s brand to future hokies.

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